Preparing For Bali

I am finally extremely close to ticking something off of my bucket list and that is to explore the magical Island of Bali.

Yesterday we finally booked our flights to escape to Bali in October. So that is the easy part done, now we need to decide where we’re going to stay, what we are going to do, what sights we will see. There is so much to organise and due to booking our trip six weeks before our departure date we do not have a lot of time. Especially when I have to move house in two weeks and I go back to university in three weeks.

So I really wanted to start my Bali blog here in London, as we will most definitely be blogging about our travels whilst we are there, I may even throw in a cheeky vlog if I can get over the embarrassment of talking to a camera! We already have a few amazing hotels and villas booked for when we are there which I cannot wait to show you guys, as they are so beautiful. There are so many hotels in Bali so picking the right place to stay has been really difficult especially when I am very indecisive and they are all incredible, but hopefully I have made some good decisions.

So the places we plan to visit are:

Kuta – Most people I’ve asked about Kuta have said it’s such a touristy place and to avoid it, however I want to experience this for myself or I know I will regret not going. We also have a friend who has just moved there so we are so excited to see where he is living.

Gili Islands – I am still indecisive on which Gili Island to visit, there are so many different reviews, which give mixed opinions, and as we don’t have much time to explore all of them we need to choose wisely. So at the moment Gili Air seems to be the one most suited to us, however things may change.

Ubud – Being a yogi Ubud sounds like the place I am going to appreciate the most it sounds so magical and spiritual and I am so excited to be in that vibe and meet some creative people with the same interests and views and to be surrounded by their positive energy.

Seminyak – I cannot wait to see some of the most incredible sunrise and sunsets. Also to sit on a beach and drink a few cocktails in the sun and just relax before going back to the mayhem and businesses back home.

We leave on the 5th of October so make sure you keep up to date with our planning and our videos once we get there. We are going to Cornwall and Barcelona before hand so the next couple of months are going to be busy and an amazing experience!


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