Why I do not own a TV

When I tell people I don’t own a TV people are usually in shock! You don’t have a TV? Are you mad? What do you do with your time?

I grew up by the sea side in Spain so I was fortunate to be able to play outside in good weather in a very safe neighbourhood, so having a TV was never a necessity. But one of the main reasons I don’t have one is because I would most probably watch it a lot. It is so easy to flick through channels as there is always something on even if it’s something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest. But here are a few more reasons you should bin that TV…

1. Un social – People often say that it is so nice to sit on the sofa and cuddle your partner whilst watching tv. But something even nicer is sitting on the sofa, cuddling your partner and having a conversation. Whilst you are watching TV you are taking away time you could be having with other people.

2. Money – Owning a TV can be very expensive. First of all you have to buy the TV, that can cost a minimum of £400 for a good TV. Then in the UK you need a TV license which allows you to watch live television legally. And then comes cable or satellite which we pay monthly to get hundreds of channels we don’t even watch. Then on top of this you need a DVD player, DVD’s etc and as technology grows so does the cost of all of this.

3. Freedom – TV and the media make us oblivious to the beautiful world around us. We are being told what to watch and everything be do watch is controlled. We are becoming less aware so TV is robbing us of our awareness and freedom.

4. Time – TV robs us of time which in life is so important to make the most of the little time we have on Earth. On average a person watches 5 hours of television per day and the majority of this is spent watchings shows we don’t even like. Throw away your TV and spend some quality time with the people you love.

5. Happiness – By throwing away your TV you will become happier and more calm. Your TV is constantly full of bad news causing you to live your life in fear. Personally I don’t watch, listen or read the news as there is never anything positive surrounding it, just a load of negative headlines which scare you.

I went to a friends house a few weeks ago and they had a TV in every room. That is five TV’s in a three bedroom house, even just the flickering of the screen changing made me annoyed. So just imagine how much money, time, freedom and un social behaviour has been wasted in your household.

So… going back to one of the original questions “What do you do with your time?” My answer is… anything! I can do yoga, I can focus more on my relationships with friends and family, I can travel, I can go on lovely long country walks. The world is your oyster and TV is your enemy, it will momentarily give you a little entertainment, but overall it takes more than it’s worth.

Peace&Love X


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