Nothing Lasts Forever…

At the end of the day everything will end… Relationships end, friendships end, your happiness will end, your illness will come to an end and of course your life will end. Nothing will or can last forever.

We live our daily lives thinking that things will last and we have plenty of time. We all believe the bad things will just go away and the good things will carry on.

So I am sorry for putting a downer on your day, however there is a reason… And this reason is to remind you that we should live everyday in the moment because nothing lasts. Make sure that you are present everyday and that you live in the now.

Life is too short to tell yourselves that you can do it tomorrow…  Enjoy everyday of your life and do things that scare you. Walk away from comfort zones and stand up for yourself.

Treat friends and loved ones with respect and give them the attention they deserve. Treat today and the people who you love like they matter – because they do and they deserve to be told. Stop waiting around for the right and perfect moment to do things and make people feel special, because this day may never come. Tell the people you love that you love them everyday because this means so much more then a gift every so often.


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