Alone Not Lonely…

Recently I have learnt that a lot of people seem to feel ‘alone’ and ‘isolated’ until the point where this horrible feeling feels natural. How is this even possible when there are around 8 billion other people living on this planet and we can be sat right next to someone and still feel ‘lonely’.

I believe this is because the media numbs us of our fellow humans until we are made to believe that this feeling of loneliness is ‘normal’. No one should ever feel lonely we should treasure the moments we have alone as they are so precious.

Now this isn’t a reminder to ‘be yourself’, I have a few blogs up my sleeve to remind you of that. However this is to remind you to embrace your individualism and be comfortable with who you are.

I love to spend time alone, going on walks, practicing yoga, and just reading a book. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of friends, family and an amazing boyfriend but it’s the one time I get to tune in with myself and see how I really am.

When we are by ourselves we don’t need to impress anyone because we are the person we have the most in common with. So when you feel left out just think, those who can sit by themselves, or walk into a crowded room without a group by their side are the most popular, because everyone else envy’s your confidence and ability to walk alone.

Enjoy the freedom rather than making friends with someone you have nothing in common with and wasting your time pretending to be someone you are not, just so other people think you are not a ‘loner’. Friends are about quality not quantity, why kill time with small talk when you can get lost in your own thoughts.

Now of course I am not telling anyone to become more social or spend more alone time as every human being is different. But I know personally it helped to build my confidence and grow as a person.


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