Travelling From London – Jimbaran – Ubud

Bali has been somewhere I have wanted to visit for years, however it always seemed like a fantasy and the likely hoods of me actually getting there were pretty slim.

The last few years I’ve spent dreaming of doing things but never getting around to do it. So I can honestly say that the last two weeks in Bali have helped me so much. Not only has it given me a well-needed rest but it has also helped me to find myself (as cliché as it may sound). It has taught me so much and I have returned home feeling more inspired then ever.

Our journey began with a 7-hour flight to Doha, a very rushed one-hour stop over and then another 9-hour flight to Denpensar Bali. The journey was long and tiring. I have been doing long haul flights every year to Vietnam to see my dad since I was 9, and I can honestly say they never get easier. However we did manage to find comfort when Richard decided to sleep on the floor literally under the seats in front and I sprawled out along our three seats.

Some great advice for everyone travelling to Bali is you don’t need to get a visa before travelling. We found this out the hard way as a couple of hours before landing in Doha I woke up in a panic that we didn’t have visas, so the last few hours of our flight were spent worrying about whether or not we could even make it into the country.

However it is so easy, you show them your passport on arrival, they stamp it and you are allowed to stay in Bali for 30 days free of charge.

 On arrival in Bali we were met by our very lovely friend Jordan and some extremely hot weather. We travelled by taxi to Jordan’s house in Jimbaran roughly 20 mins from the airport, jumped in the shower and went straight to bed. I can honestly say I have never slept so well, my head touched that pillow and I was gone until 10am.

My first day in Jimbaran was spent on the beach with Richard and Jordan we decided to rent out paddleboards and had such an awesome time. The waves were pretty big and the weather was sweet, but the water wasn’t as clear as we had hoped as it rained the night before. We had lunch on one of the beach front cafes and ate their delicious traditional food Mie Goreng, which is basically stir fried noodles but it tastes so good and cost about £1 which is absolutely incredible.

Due to us all having red foreheads and burnt shoulders we decided to call it a day at the beach and head home.

The next day we headed north up to Ubud and spent a very long time trying to figure out the best way to travel up there. However we had a few things we wanted to do and see first so it worked out that hiring a driver was the best option. A friend of ours called him and amazingly he picked us up within the hour. Everything in Bali is so easy and done efficiently without the unnecessary stress.

Our first stop was to the Uluwatu temple, which is an incredible temple, perched on the edge of a steep cliff, about 700 meters above the sea. So as you can imagine the views were incredible and even heaving with tourists it was still peaceful. The sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks, which surround the temple, were so calming. We also saw a few monkeys towards the exit and two babies posed for about 10 minutes literally asking for Richard to take pictures of them.

monkey 2.jpg
uluwatu 2.jpg

We then went to a bar just down the road called Single Finn where we had delicious Nalu Bowls, which is a smoothie bowl with muesli, fresh fruit and pieces of dry coconut, which tasted like health in a bowl. The location is incredible, you sit and eat your Nalu Bowl whilst looking straight out to the ocean where there are hundreds of surfers waiting to catch the perfect wave.

Nalu Bowls.jpg

From Uluwatu we drove straight up to Ubud and checked into the beautiful Blue Karma Hotel.

To be continued…

 (Some of these images are stills of videos, hence the quality isn’t as good as others.)


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