Playa Larga – Cuba <3

If you haven’t already check out my Havana blog before reading on!

We got the bus to Playa Larga, which took roughly three hours with a toilet break in between. The bus was ok but I would recommend getting a taxi share for the same price and more comfort. They try to squeeze as many people on the bus a possible so it isn’t very comfortable.

Again we stayed in an Airbnb, which cost us £22 per night, and the people were lovely and so welcoming. The house was clean and the rooms were nice and air conditioned. Also, like the Airbnb we stayed in in Havana we both had our own double bed.

What to do in Playa Larga: 

Our first night we went to a beach bar, where there was live music and we danced on the beach and drank the best mojitos. The staff at the beach bar were so nice and the food was great. In fact it was where we ate most of the time.

The next day we went on a snorkelling trip down the coast, the sea was so clear and the fish were tropical and beautiful. Your airbnb can organise the snorkelling trip for you and it cost 15 CUC. They also offered diving but that sounded too strenuous!

The bus picks you up outside your accommodation and drops you back in the same place.

There is also a national park, we didn’t have time to go but it sounded great. So if you have more time make sure to check that out.

Where to stay: 

Our Airbnb was perfect and I highly recommend staying with Juan Carlos and Yeni the dinner and breakfast was also amazing. However, I know that almost every house has rooms to rent, so finding somewhere won’t be too much trouble, even if you turn up without booking.


It’s the same as Havana (check back to my first Cuba blog post) however there seemed to only really be one hotspot, it’s a small town so I guess only one is necessary. The easiest thing is to ask for wifi and they will direct you.

Travelling from Havana to Trinidad we got a taxi share with two other travellers. It cost us 15 CUC each for a 2:30 hour drive. Which I’m sure you can admit is pretty reasonable and the same price as the bus!

Playa Larga was beautiful and a must see if you’re making your way down to Trinidad!


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