Logan Paul – Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow Response!

Logan Paul is at it again…

So usually I would never write a blog response to another youtubers video. However, once again Logan Paul has gone too far and this time I felt like it was necessary.

To be honest before his vlog came around with an image of a suicide victim hanging I didn’t know who Logan Paul was. I don’t spend time watching what people call ‘the top youtubers’ as I do not think they are inspiring or very good role models.

However, when this video was brought to my attention it made me feel sick and weak. Gladly I didn’t see his video myself but I heard a lot about it.

And now a new video by Logan has been added called Suicide: Be here tomorrow. Why his account was not deleted in the first place is beyond me, but I will put this down to money and greed.

I am making this video as someone who has known people to take their lives, been affected and seen people who have been affected. His latest video is nothing but a publicity stunt. It does not take three weeks to sit down think about what you’ve done, and be truly sorry. Think about the peoples lives he has affected, the mockery he has made of mental health. And then he goes out and puts together a video like Suicide: Be here tomorrow. All this in three weeks…

This video probably took three weeks to film in itself, with having to get people to agree to do interviews with him, especially those who have attempted suicide. I know if that was me I would refuse to be in the same room as him for a very long time. But these victims are clearly strong and doing it to spread awareness, which I don’t believe was Logans reason for making his video. I understand and I agree that people change but I also believe that he made this video too soon and it is insensitive and looks like a mockery and just another video for him to monetise.

Now don’t get me wrong the video is a great video, had he not made it. A person that three weeks ago was laughing at suicide, and filmed a human being that was so unhappy and desperate that he had to take his own life. Now I agree that suicide is not spoken about enough, it’s as if the world is embarrassed to speak about such a horrific thing, that is happening every minute of everyday. But he is 100% the wrong person to be shining a light on such a sensitive issue.

Correct me if I’m wrong, which I’m sure a lot of his fans will do, but this to me just looks like a way to become popular again, following non other than his own sick mistakes.

I strongly believe that he should take a step back from the public eye for longer than 3 weeks and really think about what he has done. It is obviously due to the fact this his method of income but, he should of thought about that before posting his extremely violating video.

Sorry for the rant I just wanted to get my opinion across and to let his fans know that what he did was wrong. He is not inspiring or a role model, so please find someone else to look up too.




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  1. January 25, 2018 / 7:13 pm

    This guy is disgusting! I used to live in Japan and the other leaked videos of his trip are horrible. He is a terrible, rich, spoiled, human being.

    I hope there are repercussions for his actions.

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