Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve…

This year my New Years resolution is to not settle. To not settle for anything or anyone that is not bringing value into my life, not making me grow stronger as a person, or pushing me closer to my dreams.

I spent too long settling and staying in my comfort zone. Whether that be in terms of a location, relationship, friendships. I found it hard to let go and move onto bigger and better things. But over the past year I have realised how important it is to not settle for anything less than I deserve.

The truth is, if you settle for anything less than you deserve, it will never last long. It will torment you every time you fall out of love with yourself. It will get in the way of you ever being truly happy and complete.

So it is time to realise that you are worthy of so much more.

The more you do it, the easier moving on becomes. The faster you embrace change, the more powerful you will feel.

Fall in love with yourself. Head over heels in love with the person you truly are, not the person people expect you to be. Know your value and what you truly deserve. This way, you will dismiss anything that diminishes your worth.

Fall in love with the beautiful person in the mirror. Because that person is so worthy of your love.


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