“Bad timing” is just a bad excuse…

In this life we come up with so many excuses. Reasons we can’t do things, reasons we can’t go to places, and of course reasons we can’t be with another person.

The excuse of bad timing in relationships is one I hear all the time. But the truth is, it’s just that, an excuse.

Bad timing is not the reason you are not together or broke up. If you were truly, madly and deeply in love with this person you would do anything to make things work.

There are multiple reasons why you’re not with this person.

  • You fear commitment
  • You don’t love that person as much as you think
  • You fear taking risks
  • You’re too afraid to leave your comfort zone

If you do meet someone who you genuinely love, you will do anything to prevent them not being “the one that got away.” You are going to take risks and make sacrifices.

When you admit that the timing is wrong, what you are actually saying is, you are not ready for that person. Because if you were you would take risks, and do everything it takes to make it work.

It’s time to take responsibility for your own actions, and to be honest to the person at the receiving line. You are only giving them false hope that one day things may work out. If you can’t commit now, it’s not fair to leave them thinking you may one day be in a better headspace.

The universe is not keeping you apart. The world is not against your Happy ever after. The only person keeping you apart is yourself.

It’s time to stop dwelling on what could have been, and giving yourself the opportunity to search for the person you can give your whole time too.

Or alternatively, enjoy the time you have alone and get to really know yourself.

Mother Nature is on your side. When you meet your soul mate you will realise that bad timing is just a bad excuse.


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