A message to the wild ones…

Dear wild one,

Free spirit.


It is ok to be the way you are.

It is ok to be young, wild and free.

You do not need to apologise for who you are or the choices you make.

Embrace every aspect of yourself, and don’t be afraid to show the world every side of you.

It is ok to be different.

It is ok to be strong.

Don’t depress yourself in order to lift others higher.

Never lessen your roar to suit someone else’s.

Surround yourself with positive energy, who fill you with excitement.

Don’t allow anyone to dimmer your sparkle.

You were born to be wild and live a life of excitement.

Don’t sit in the slow lane because others can’t keep up.

Fall in love over and over again with the person in the mirror.

Love yourself.

Free your mind.

For you are a child of the universe.

You belong to the Earth and the sky.

Allow yourself to grow in places people said you couldn’t.

Dance to the beat of your own heart.

Live free.

Live happy.

Stay wild, my wild child.


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