Part 2. Arriving in Agnes Water

The drive to Agnes Water was a lot longer than anticipated, so Melon, Tom and I decided to make an overnight snooze stop in Hervey Bay.

We found a park at the end of a residential area where we parked up, and quickly made dinner. We made sure to be quiet as firstly we didn’t want to annoy the residents, or have rangers come around and move us on.

As we were finishing our dinner a car parked up next to us with what appeared to be a very angry and intoxicated woman, shouting, screaming and swearing about he said, she said.

Once… let’s call her Stacey was off the phone and we thought the screaming was over, she began to blare the radio, with some terrible pop music that was definitely not going to aid us getting to sleep.

I sat listening for a while as she furiously screamed along to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in a pitch definitely not created by them.

My two main worries were the police were going to come and section her and then move us on, or she was going to start smashing up my van. So I messaged Melon and Tom and told them we should probably find somewhere else to sleep, as we definitely wouldn’t be getting any of that where we were. Just as this was happening, another car pulled up next to my van.

I could see it was a man driving, he looked pretty content with himself as I watched him sit there for a while. I called Melon and Tom in the van next to me and they said; “Quietly jump into the front seat of your van, turn your engine on and quickly drive away, and we will follow you.”

So I did as I was told, quickly jumped into the front seat like a ninja, put the keys into the van, and as I turned the key, the alarm started blaring! I turned to look at the car next to me as I struggled to turn the alarm off in a panic, when I saw the man laughing, and another man quickly appearing from his groin. In England we call this act “dogging”, and it explains the look of contentment on the mans face.

We drove off quickly, after a not so ninja escape looking for somewhere else to park and sleep.

We came across another park which was pretty similar. There was a van parked there already, so I immediately felt safer. I was finally about to doze off to the sound of the waves crashing on what I could only imagine was a beautiful, white sandy beach, when I heard someone shouting; “Get back here now Jayden, or I’ll punch your face in.”


A bunch of kids no older than 15 coming to ruin our peace and tranquility. These empty threats lasted for approximately 20 mins, until the kids parents came and picked them up and took them home.

I was then able to finally fall asleep peacefully knowing no teenagers were harmed and that my van has a very loud and working alarm system.

We woke up early and continued our journey to Agnes Water and our new mate Jeremy.

When we arrived we were greeted by a 6ft 3, smiley, older man. He gave us a tour of his home, which was lovely. Jeremy explained that he had built the house 17 years ago. It was a beautiful old surf warehouse with surfboards hanging here, there and everywhere. There was a billabong at the bottom of the garden, where Jeremy eerily mentioned we could swim nude or do naked yoga on the land nearby. There was an open toilet right in the middle of the garden.

After the tour we sat around and waited for AnnaMarie and Tim to arrive. There were some questionable things that Jeremy said and did, but at the time we awkwardly laughed it off. There were a few moments when I questioned just how smiley and “hippy/happy” this man really was, but I felt bad for questioning someone who was kind enough to welcome us into his home…

To be continued…


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