My Heart Made of Ice…

I am often told when it comes to romance I am cold.

That my heart is made of ice, surrounded by barriers made of steal.

I am reminded that I am hard to love.

That my soul dances too freely, and my spirit too wild.

They say my expectations are too high.

That I seek perfection, where it does not exist.

The truth is they are right…

And I am happy this way.

I may be too much for some, my roar maybe too loud for others.

To some my heart maybe made of ice, but to those who matter it is blazing like a wildfire.

I will not settle for a mediocre love or something to just pass the time.

I will not knock down the walls to anyone whose soul doesn’t dance to the same rhythm.

It will take someone incredible to feel the warmth of my heart.

But until then, I am fine with just me.


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