My body…

An honesty post…
A few years ago I would have never dreamt about posting these pictures. In fact I wouldn’t have even allowed the pictures to be taken.
I struggled so much with the way I saw my body, and I can honestly say I hated it.

Of course I still have moments or days when I feel insecure or “fat” but I’m learning to realise that it is just a feeling and it will pass.
The day these photos were taken I was having exactly one of those days. I have cancelled many photo shoots in the past because of this reason, but on that day I knew I just had to get on with it for myself. It was a struggle to say the least.
I am so proud of myself for how far I have come. Even though some days are harder to love than others, I love my body and think it is incredible.
We are all magical beings and we must look after ourselves and be kind to our bodies, and treat them the way they deserve.
I am incredibly grateful for the life I have and acknowledge the importance of self love and self care.
My heart goes out to anyone who struggles with this too. The mind is a strong and powerful place, so make sure to only feed it positive thoughts.

Self love should be practised daily, not just on the days you are feeling low.
Be good to yourself.
Peace&Love x


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