I want to live in a world

Where out community trusted our social justice system.

Where those in power endowed a system of reparation and education

Over regulation and segregation.

A practice of restoration.

A jurisdiction system

without restrictions.
Human’s aren’t supposed to be in a cell.

Cells keep us alive

Brain cells help us to thrive.

The only reason we survived over Neanderthals

Wasn’t the size of these cells

But what’s inside them.

The creative mind.

This helped us to make tools

So that we could build mankind.
But man is not kind to other man, or wo-man

As it stands.

Our creative minds have build structures and systems

That we must all fit in.

Dulling our mind from the outside in.

Punishing anything deemed sin, as crime.

Even though ‘sins’ are just the creation of a mind.
Creativity is originality.

So, to construct a reality from the activity of one mind

Restricts the creativity of another.

Repression turns into depression, and aggression.

Aggression over the oppression implemented by society

Leads us to question,

Is this working?
What if we unleashed the imagination of our nation? 

Combatted marginalisation and prison overrepresentation of minorities

Making restorative justice a priority.

Enabled expression through creation as reparation.
If we tore down the scaffolding of society that ‘support us’,

That’s only really taught us to hide our minds,
what would we find?
If we allowed our minds to flourish by nourishing them,

Turned depression and aggression into expression.

Used these ‘sins’ as a bidirectional lesson,

to learn from one another

So that we no longer other.
What a wonderful place this would be,

A mutually respectful society.

A poem by Phoebe Hares


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