Travelling to Trinidad, Cuba

Unfortunately in Trinidad I got sick as soon as we arrived. My fever went up to 39.5 so it was straight to the doctors for me!

They were amazing and so nice and gentle. I managed to get a stomach and kidney infection somewhere between Havana and Trinidad, but the doctor and nurses were great.

Just number one rule when travelling to Cuba, make sure to get travel insurance as they charge for everything. I think they even charged me for the gloves they used.

So due to this I couldn’t enjoy the city as much as I would’ve wanted too.

Where to stay?

We stayed in a very nice Airbnb and the owner and staff were so nice and incredible, especially when I got sick. In fact the owner came to check in on me at the doctors during my ‘drip and chill’. More drip than chill but with my fever I guess it did give me the chills… anyway! (That was a bad joke, i’m sorry.)

Trinidad is beautiful, it’s a city similar to Havana with amazing architecture and lovely people, just a lot smaller. The best way to see everything is to walk around and explore!

There are lots of tours and things to do there, but unfortunately with being sick I wasn’t unable to do anything that involved going too far from home!

But just walking around the streets and taking pictures was great fun. I wish I could advice you more, but I still recommend you go and see it for yourself.

The one thing I wanted from my whole Cuba trip was a picture of a man or woman smoking a cigar… And I was so happy to of got that here!



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