Varadero – Cuba

Travelling to Varadero

We got another car share to Varadero which was 25 CUC each. I didn’t really read up much on Varadero, however had I done more research we probably wouldn’t of gone. But, with me still being sick and my mothers old age, it did everything we needed it to do… Allowed us to relax!

Where to stay… or where not to stay? 

This time we decided to book into a hotel, but I know we both would’ve preferred to be in a casa particular. So if you can, find a Airbnb rather than hotel for a few reasons; it’s a 10th of the price and the people are so much more welcoming.

We stayed at Hotel Starfish Las Palmas, the receptionists but one, were all so rude and extremely unhelpful. Also when we checked in we explained that I was sick and needed a quiet room. So what did they do? They put us in a room 10 metres away from a nightclub, which played extremely loud music all night!

The next day they moved us into a room. However, it came with a lot of difficulty and the receptionists continued to be rude throughout our stay.

However, saying this the waiters were lovely, and the breakfast was ok.

Had I not been sick and just needed to rest we would’ve left, but unfortunately we couldn’t.

The beaches in Varadero on the other had are beautiful. So, if you’re just looking for somewhere to go to have a few relaxing beach days, and top up your tan then I recommend coming here.

Or, if you like to travel for 10 hours to stay in an all inclusive hotel, for the duration of your stay in Cuba, then definitely come here!

However, if you really want to travel Cuba and see the real deal like we did then Varadero isn’t the place for you.

It’s expensive and the people are a lot less friendly, however maybe it’s because they have to deal with unfriendly tourists a lot of the time as this place is full of tourists!


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