Survival of The Fittest

Survival of the Fittest?

Once again TV has managed to amaze me. After the huge ‘success’ of Love Island, the producers are bringing a new show to brainwash the minds of the nation. When will reality TV be stopped?

So what is survival of the fittest?

A new reality shit show (excuse my French.) Making men and women feel insecure about their bodies and the way they look. Just like Love Island they are bringing the best looking people the UK has to offer onto our screens. And to do what exactly?

In the words of ITV themselves, “A team of girls and a team of boys will battle it out in a series of stunning physical and mental challenges to determine which sex has the upper hand.” Which sex has the upper hand? How is this even allowed to be aired? We have been fighting for gender equality for so many years, to prove that men and women are EQUAL.

And now before people start accusing me of being a crazy feminist, of course I am a feminist. The meaning of feminism is that men and woman are equal, which we are. And now in 2018 there is a TV show about to be produced where men and woman compete to see which is the stronger sex?

Oh, and once again it is another reality TV show where the ‘contestants’ run around in their bikini bodies, making men and woman feel terrible about their bodies. To apply you have to be a ‘young, hot single.’ As if people aren’t insecure enough.

ITV’s Head of Digital Channels said and I quote,“ITV2’s younger audience will no doubt relish the escapism this immersive physical game show from sunny South Africa will provide next winter”. Escapism? Escapism is when you watch a comedy or action film to escape your everyday life to make you feel better. Not watching an hour of tonned bodies that have been through extensive dieting and training, run a long a beach in South Africa.

This is not taking away todays troubles, this is adding fuel to the fire.  ITV’s younger audience are the ones who are being affected by this the most. They are in the process of forming their opinions of themselves, and they are the most easily influenced. However we are all susceptible.

Human beings are influenced by what we see around us. And of course what the media tells us. Perfection does not exist, so why are we still being shown the ‘perfect body.’

Another Reality TV show…

This is just another reality TV show to make more people famous for being famous. ITV you do not have a viewer in me.

Rant. Over.





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