10 Reasons Why You Should Travel

My top 10 reasons why you should travel!

I have been fortunate enough to of spent a lot of my life travelling, especially my childhood. I was born in Hong Kong, I then grew up in Spain and my father lived in Vietnam. So I would spend my holidays in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia… Needless to say I caught the travel bug early.

It is something I am extremely grateful for as there are so many benefits to travelling and today I wanted to share with you some of these reasons!

    1. It helps you to become more open minded.

The best and most important thing about travelling is it opens your mind. You get to explore different cultures and see how other people live. Sometimes this can even make you grateful for the things you have in your life. It opens your mind, your eyes and your heart.

    2. It helps you to find yourself.

As cliche as this sounds I couldn’t find this saying anymore true. When you travel you take yourself out of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t otherwise realise you could. You face challenges that help you to grow as a person. This is especially true if you travel alone.

    3. You become more educated.

Travelling allows you to learn things not only about yourself, but about the country you are travelling in. It helps you to learn things that you wouldn’t of learnt at school. Like politics, geography, history, and you get to see it first hand.

    4. Travelling makes you a story teller.

St. Augustine once said, “Travelling is like a book and those who do not travel only read one page.” So if you do not travel you only have one page to enlighten other people. If you travel you will have all sorts of interesting experiences to share with others.

    5. Travel is literally food for thought.

If you’re like me and you love food, then getting to experience all sorts of different flavours is a reason alone to travel. Trying different foods is one of my favourite things about travelling.

    6. You’ll make amazing friends.

Travelling gives you the confidence to make friends with anyone and everyone! And a lot of the time you will make some long lasting friends!

    7. It makes you become more present.

You will spend a lot more time living in the now. With all the beauty there is to see and limited phone signal, you will find it easier to just enjoy what is around you!

    8. You get a sense of freedom

Breaking away the norms of society will make you feel a lot more free! Not having to wake up everyday and do a 9-5 routine job will give you a sense of freedom!

    9. Make beautiful memories

If you travel alone or with a friend or partner you will always be making amazing memories, or some very funny ones. They are memories you can hold onto forever that only you will know about, and remember just how they made you feel.

    10. Travelling makes you an all round better person!

Now i’m not saying you have to go on a world trip around Australia and SE Asia. But just get out the house and even explore what is on your door step. There is a beautiful world outside.


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