Exploring The Beautiful City of Berlin

Now I know I keep saying this but… Visiting Berlin was at the top of my travel list (I have a very large travel list!) So let’s say it was the top of my European travel list!

I haven’t travelled a lot of Europe, I guess you take advantage of what’s on your doorstep. Also I’m not really a fan of the cold, so I would much rather travel in the opposite direction of winter.

However this January I wanted to brave the cold and go and visit one of the most historic cities, I think the world has to offer.

Now let me tell you it was extremely cold! It snowed 2/3 days we were there, and the wind was, and I quote ‘dangerous’. – It broke our umbrella!

Anyway… I travelled to Berlin with my partner in crime Richard Oxford. Our trip was sponsored by the amazing Adagio apartment hotel. They were absolutely awesome, and I couldn’t recommend you staying with them enough.

It is such an incredible city with such beautiful architecture and pride.

Where to visit:


Berlin is home to approximately 200 museums, so unless you have more than 3 days, or super powers there is no chance you can visit them all. We had just enough time to visit…

The East Side Gallery

This is a must see, as you have probably heard multiple times. The East Side Gallery is an international memorial for freedom. It’s a section of the Berlin Wall, which consists of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world, who came to pay their respects by turning such a horrific memory into something incredibly beautiful. It really is spectacular.

The art works symbolises a time for change, and expresses the importance for a better and more free future for everyone all over the world.

The Topography of Terror

If you visit any museum, make sure it’s this one and preferably as soon as your arrive. This museum tells you everything there is to know about Nazi Germany.

Between 1933 to 1945, the site, which is now home to the Topography of Terror was the central institution of Nazi persecution and terror.

Be prepared for graphic images, heartbreaking and horrific facts, and a lot of reading. The museum is also free so you have no excuse not to visit.

The technology museum

Technology has changed so rapidly over the last 20 years alone it is incredible. We spent roughly three hours in this awesome museum before getting ‘hangry’, however it’s somewhere you could spend all day. Definitely worth the money. If you love technology, film, cameras, trains, fashion etc then make sure you put a few hours a side to run around like a big kid!


The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

If you travel to Berlin make sure to go and pay your respects at the mesmerising memorial. In memory to the 6 million Jews that were murdered during the Holocaust. There is a sad vibe here, but also a sense of peace and freedom. There is also an information centre, that holds 3 million of the names of Jews who died during this horrific time.

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish museum was my only disappointment of the trip, don’t get me wrong it was great and also very moving, but for the price there isn’t much there, other than artwork that tells you to interpret it as you wish.

Saying this it is a beautiful reflection on Jewish history and culture.

Checkpoint Charlie

This isn’t really a museum, more like a tourist attraction, but equally great to go and visit. It was a crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War, and represented the separation between the East and West.

Where to stay?

We stayed in the Adagio Apartment hotel.

The staff were amazing, the breakfast was delicious, the room was awesome and had everything we needed.

It was one of the best city hotels I have ever stayed in, and the prices are excellent. Affordable and worth every penny.

It was a great hotel, and such a pleasure to stay with lovely and helpful staff who actually enjoyed having us!

Also staying in an Apartment hotel was great as you can cook at home and save some money whilst you’re travelling.

Where to eat?

We were extremely lucky to have a kitchen in the apartment and breakfast included in our stay. So breakfast we ate at the hotel and it was delicious and dinner we had in the hotel most nights too as we like to eat healthy when travelling and not eat out all the time.

Coffee – Funk You

A gorgeous cafe in Alexanderplatz serving great coffee, amazing chocolate cake with a great ambience. The perfect place to stop to warm up and get get your caffeine fix when you have been doing a lot of walking!

Vietnamese – District Mot

We visited (name) on our first day, we were really hungry from travelling all morning so it was such a treat. Vietnamese is my favourite food, however from spending a lot of time in Vietnam growing up I know good Vietnamese when I smell it, and I can guarantee that this place is authentic! I would give it 5* on trip adviser if I had the time!

Italian – Vapiano

Vapiano is a big Italian chain (forgive me), I don’t usually ever eat at chains but when we left the station the wind was so bad and there were hailstones we had to run into the first place we could find. But it was very good! Richard had told me about it previously as he spent most evenings eating there whilst filming Mission Impossible in Vienna, so he was extremely excited to see it before we got blown away!

Cheap Eat – Pizza Slice

Pizza Slice was our saving grace after getting hangry in the technology museum. It is such good value for money and everything is so fresh. It is only a small cafe but it seems like a little local hang out so wasn’t very busy when we got there and service was extremely quick.

€2.50 for a big slice of pizza, you can’t go wrong!


Travelling to Berlin

We flew with EasyJet from Gatwick airport which as always was very efficient. Flights were very cheap too coating roughly £50 each. We always use Skyscanner to check for the best deals before choosing our airline.

Travelling around Berlin

Travelling around Berlin is so easy the moment you arrive. There is a train station at the airport, which goes straight into the city centre and if you are staying at the Adagio like we did, the train stops at a station about a 7 minute walk.

There is an underground and overground station. We used City Mapper to travel around Berlin and it worked a treat.

Travel is a lot cheaper than London. It’s €7.50 for an all day travel pass allowing you to go all around Berlin. You can also get passes for 2,3,4 days if you click on the tourist passes on the machine it is very easy to understand.

Overall we had an amazing trip and we would once again like to thank The Adagio hotel and all their wonderful staff for making our trip a lovely and memorable experience, we will be sure to return in the near future!




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