The Importance Of Shopping Ethically – The True Cost Documentary

The True Cost!

Recently I stopped shopping. Not because I didn’t enjoy shopping, trust me I did… A lot. In fact it was almost becoming an addiction.

However what happened was my mentality changed, I opened my eyes to what was happening around me. Fashion has become such a desired industry. Trends are changing daily and it is becoming a problem. Not only to the lives of the workers but to our planet also.

Have you ever really thought about who makes your clothes? We all know that sweat shops exist and poor working conditions are a thing. But have you ever truly thought about it to the point of actually doing anything about it?

Fashion changes regularly, and new items are delivered to shops weekly. This causes such a strain on people lives and our environment.

I recently came across the documentary ‘The True Cost’ and I encourage you all to watch it. Honestly it changed my life!


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