Happy Earth Day – Making a Difference!

Contamination of Our waters

There are so many ways we can make a difference this Earth day and I just wanted to give you a few tips!

It has been said that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. And one million plastic bottles are bought world wide every minute. And did you know that only 9% of all plastic waste has ever actually been recycled?

Just a few fun facts to start… We are using so much unnecessary plastic and other waste that is literally destroying our planet and sea, and this plastic will stick around for thousands of years.

We must avoid using plastic and get better at recycling other materials. 9 billion fewer plastic bags have been used since the UK brought in the 5p charge. This is a sign that we can make a change.

So how do we continue to better ourselves?

  1. When you go to the supermarket, buy loose items. You don’t need a broccoli that is packaged and you definitely don’t need to put it in a plastic bag for the 10 minute journey home. Your carrots will survive.
  2. Please remember to always take your reusable bags to the shops. It will even save you 5p each time you do so…  Every little helps.
  3. Get a reusable coffee cup. Every time you get a coffee to go you are costing the environment. Very few coffee cups are recycled and just imagine how many are used every day will all the coffee addicts desperate to get their fix. And as a bonus you get a 25p discount from most coffee shops if you take your own.
  4. The straw! This one is simple… Stop using straws. You don’t need one. And if you do, buy a steel or bamboo one.
  5. Tooth brushes… We are told we should change our toothbrush every three months. How many of your toothbrushes are you actually recycling? I can honestly tell you I have never recycled a single one. I cannot stress to you enough how good an investment buying a bamboo toothbrush is.
  6. Did you know that every tea you drink contains plastic? There are tiny bits hidden in your tea bags. From now on drink loose tea. it tastes better too.
  7. Get a reusable water bottle and use it.

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