Remember Grenfell Tower Poem

Grenfell Tower

This is a topic that is a little different to what I usually write about. However, recently I have been working hard and just completed  a show about Grenfell Tower.

For those of you who don’t know, Grenfell Tower was a 24 storey, residential block that caught fire on the 14th of June 2017, and took the lives of 71 people.

It began by just one appliance (a fridge) catching fire. However due to the external cladding that the government used to cover it, in order to make it less of an eyesore to its millionaire neighbours. The fire spread quicker then you could ever imagine.

In remembrance to those who lost loved ones and their homes I wanted to share a poem that I wrote;

How is it that one appliance could take the lives of so many?

They said 10 million was spent, but did they even spend a penny?

A residential tower block with no sprinklers, no fire alarms and one exit,

Just secrets, fake promises and lies, a little bit like Brexit

Surrounded in flammable material in order to make it less of an eyesore

To its millionaire residents who were privileged to live next door.

How many died we will never be sure,

But what we have is a government that refuse to house the poor.

The state should be protecting it’s citizens, not letting them burn,

But they are too busy counting the money that they earn.

But this is not one of the only catastrophes that has taken place,

due to government failure and our own human race.

Across the globe there are so many tragedies

War, homelessness and the crisis of refugees

The rich are getting richer, as the poor get more poor,

And our nation is being run by delusions of grandeur

The residents of grenfell were sacrificed for greed

Because their voices had been ignored when it came to what they need.

Grenfell was front and centre of a criminal catastrophe.

And their screams are a cry for a change that needs to happen rapidly.

The tragedy that is Grenfell Tower…

Took place for greed, money and power…


Today I am grateful to always have a roof over my head and that my friends and family are safe.



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  1. Laura Snowball
    June 15, 2018 / 7:55 am

    What a wonderful poem. Full of truth and powerful words. Well written my Niece. Xx

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