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There is something amazing happening at the moment. There is an incredible shift of consciousness taking place and it is so exciting.

I have been speaking about the fast fashion industry for over a year now, and I am finally seeing peoples attitudes change towards fashion.

We are becoming so much more aware of where our clothes are being made and by whom, and people are starting to actually care.

That’s why today I wanted to share with you this incredible swimwear brand – Journe Australia. 

The Costume I am wearing is called Aria – Limited edition print.


Journe Australia

One of my favourite things about ethical brands is ‘girl power’. Why?

Because for so many years women have suffered in the fashion industry. Working in unfit environments, getting paid next to nothing, and not receiving the benefits they need such as; maternity leave.

That’s why when I discovered Journe I was so excited.

Journe was founded and created by three powerful female entrepreneurs Liz, Jenni & Renae, who come from all over the world – Canada, UK and New Zealand and they have all come together to build their empire in Australia.

Their mission is to make women feel beautiful and empowered, whilst wearing the best quality and environmentally friendly swimwear. They have achieved this in so many ways.

As soon as I opened the beautiful recycled packaging with my swimsuit inside, I was so excited. Instantly you can tell how amazing the quality is, and know that the swimsuit is going to last a long time.

Where is the swimwear made?

All of their swimwear is made with love and light on the sun kissed shores of the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia.

What materials are they made from?

This is my favourite part. Journe swimwear is made ethically and sustainably using luxury Italian fabric woven from ECONYL®. ECONYL® is 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon waste.

So not only are these three incredible women making beautiful swimwear they are also saving the planet. As you all know (unless you’ve been living under a rock) plastic is one of life’s biggest evils. It is ruining our oceans and therefore killing our marine life, so it is amazing to know that there are people trying to make a difference.

Their incredibleness does not end here…

As I mentioned before that there are women all across the globe working in such terrible working environments and are unable to achieve much in their lives.

5% of the revenue from every Journe swimwear item sold goes to support Australian charities doing great things overseas.

“Currently, we support Opportunity International; a non-profit organisation that tackles global poverty by providing small business loans, savings, insurance and training to more than 14 million people in developing nations working their way out of poverty. 95% of Opportunity International’s loans go to women.” – Liz, Jenni & Renae.

“We are focused on creating WOW moments for our customers (WOW of course also meaning Women of Worth). Swimwear purchasing can be a discouraging experience and we aim to make it as successful and encouraging as possible by teaching our customers how to select swimwear styles that suit their body shapes and a colour palette that suits their skin tone. And making returns easy if the choice is wrong by including a return satchel with the shipped order.” – Liz, Jenni & Renae.

Think before you shop…

Shopping ethically and sustainably can seem more expensive, but in the long run you are doing a much better thing. Fast fashion is never cheap, there is always someone, somewhere paying for it. Start to change the way you look at fashion. Shop for quality over quantity. And help small, independent brands like Journe grow. Give your money to those doing incredible things, rather than those looking to make millions.

It’s time we make a change and put a stop to fast and throw away fashion!



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