Be The Change… A Spoken Word Poem.

We live in a world where the majority of people dislike the job they do,

where we’re too scared to follow our own dream incase the idea falls through.

Where it is so easy to get ourselves into debt,

through credit cards and loans and putting on a bet.

Where we spend more time with work colleagues then we do with family and friends,

and we only realise what we’ve lost when it comes to an end.

We live in a time where fast fashion is literally getting away with murder,

and doctors are prescribing drugs for each and every disorder.

We are brainwashed into being MINDLESS consumers,

who are easily offended with  no sense of humour.

Where we live pay check to pay check, to buy materialistic things that we can’t afford,

endlessly purchasing a life to impress others with the things that we hoard.

We’re a population of slaves to technology,

where it’s more appealing to give a child a phone,

then it is to listen to them moan.

Where we would rather spend hours texting on a group chat,

then meeting up face to face whose got time for that?

We’re a nation of puppets who compare our lives to those we see on social media,

lowering our self esteem if we don’t meet the right criteria.

Where it’s now the norm to meet your partner through an app,

and we tend to hate our body if we don’t have a thigh gap.

We live in a time where homelessness is at its peak,

and refugees are called terrorists, gosh humanity is so weak.

Where the government doesn’t have enough for a public servants wage,

but spends millions on war this is an outrage.

Where elections are becoming a circus show,

with lies and broken promises, who to vote for? we will never know.

We live in a world, where we are still fighting for diversity, human rights and equality,

and fools are ruling the world but this world belongs to humanity.

Where we as human beings have to define ourselves with a box we are forced to tick.

And woman are still being paid less because they don’t have a dick.

It’s time for a transformation,

we must stop blaming everyone else like politicians and immigration.

Our ignorance is their power. And our knowledge is their weakness.

So let’s fight to make a change, before we live a life of bleakness.

Why can’t we live in a world where we follow our dreams,

where we do a job we love, where we live within our means.

Where we only spend the money that we have in our account,

and stop waiting around for the best discount.

Where we listen to our children instead of giving a device,

because this child will be so grateful when we share our advice.

Let’s be a population of explorers, if it be exploring the world or ourself,

it’s adventures and experiences that define us, not our wealth.

Stop dreaming of the future or dwelling on the past,

be 100% present because these moments won’t last.

We will remember the memories we made, not the items we bought,

so next time you’re shopping give that some thought.

Let’s stand together and strong and not loose faith in humanity,

even if social media and celebrities have turned it into vanity.

Let’s spend more time practising meditation,

and stop allowing doctors to numb our pain with medication.

Rather than asking for a pay rise, ask for an extra day of rest,

to enjoy and recharge and not be so stressed.

Our prime purpose in life is to help those in need,

so don’t let someone suffer for your selfishness and greed.

Let’s make this a world where we thrive off equality,

whether it be race, gender, religion or sexuality.

Let’s put back freedom, in freedom of speech,

and stop being so hypocritical and practise what we preach.

We are not born hating others it’s just bad education,

so let’s learn to love everyone and become one human nation.

Let’s do what we love and love what we do,

it’s time to realise if you want to make a change it starts with you.


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