Don’t Go Back Because You’re Lonely…

Don’t walk in the wrong direction

“An ex is an ex for a reason…” How many times have you heard this saying? In fact, how many times have you said this saying?

The sad truth is the majority of us in our lifetime will completely ignore this great advice, and run back in the wrong direction.

I can sadly admit that I have been a victim of choosing the wrong direction. Rather than going forward I chose to go back. Why? Because I was lonely and feared being alone.

I was madly and deeply over this person, I was moving on and getting my strength back. But, the familiarity of their smell and touch is what threw me off my positive path.

Don’t go back because that person feels familiar.

Don’t go back because they will fill a missing void in your life.

Don’t go back because it’s a body to sleep next to at night.

Don’t go back if you know there is no healthy and reliable future.

There was a reason things came to an end. A reason you fell apart. And more than just one reason things ended in the first place.

When you’re lonely remember the reasons things didn’t work out. Remember the way they made you feel to push you to the point of ending it all.

Don’t allow loneliness to take control. No matter how much the feeling of loneliness sucks right now, remember it is only a feeling and it will pass.

The second time around isn’t any better, I can assure you of that. Never long for anyone from the past. There is a reason they never made it to your future.


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