The Meaning of Happiness…

We often get confused about the word happiness.

Happiness does not need to be a big elaborate thing. Happiness can be something simple like your morning coffee, or the sound of birds singing.

We get too caught up in the fact that we need things and people in order to be happy.

This is such a dangerous thing because when we expect too much we will often be disappointed.

Take note of the things that make you smile.

The things that cause an avalanche of emotion from within you.

Take note of the people around you that make you feel warm inside and spend your time those people.

Stop searching for happiness from materialistic possessions, because an object will not make you happy.

Yes, happiness will sometimes leave or disappoint you. But when this happens remember that it will only make you stronger.

Stop searching for happiness and validation from someone else. Begin to realise that true happiness isfound from within.

Happiness is a spiritual experience that only we ourselves can feel.

What makes another person happy, may not make you happy.

We are all on our own journeys so do not compare yourself to another being.

Enjoy the little things that life brings, because one day you will realise that they had the biggest impact.

Remember that you have the power to choose. So be precise in what makes your soul shine.

Choose what or who is worth staying in your life and walk away from what’s not.

Choose happiness, even in your darkest hour.



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