My Top Tips on Moving to Australia…

Moving down under!

Ok, so you’ve made the big decision to move your life to the other side of the world. This may have been a slightly rushed decision. Something you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Whatever the reason is, it’s your reason and I am so excited for you.

In this blog post I will be talking about moving to Australia as a Brit, on a working holiday visa… And as I haven’t even been here 2 weeks, these are just the initial tips to get you started.


So, I am currently on a working holiday visa. This is really easy to get if you are in the 18-31 age bracket. In fact mine came in a second.

You just have to fill in a few details and keep your fingers crossed that you’re applying at a good time.

Here is the link where you can apply and read more information on it.

But the general breakdown is you have the right to work in Australia for a year, however you can only work with one employer for 6 months.

Then if you want to stay another year you have to do 88 days of farm work in your first year… This part I am dreading.

I have heard some great stories, but also some real horror stories. So, I will let you know once I have done mine 🙂

Bank Account

Opening a bank is pretty easy. In fact I opened mine online before I even arrived. Then all you have to do, is go to the bank, show them your passport, give them your national insurance number, and they give you your card. As easy as that.

I chose Common Wealth, for this reason and so far so good 🙂

Tax File Number

In order to work in this beautiful country you need a Tax File Number, this is super easy to do you just apply online and it comes in the post. Mine took roughly a week.

Be careful where you apply. This is free, but I came across a few dodgy sites that asked you to pay.



So, I was torn between staying in a hostel, or an Airbnb. I personally opted for an Airbnb for a couple of reasons.

  1. The prices were roughly the same, and you get your own room rather than a 12 bed dorm.
  2. It seemed like the best place to be when you’re recovering from jet lag.

So, this was a great option for me personally. I had travelled SE Asia in hostels prior to this, so also wanted a little bit of quiet time. Not only have I met some super cool locals, my airbnb host was the person who found me a room to rent with one of his friends. So it’s all worked perfectly.


However, another awesome option is to stay in a hostel. I have had a lot of friends who arrive and have stayed in hostels, and have absolutely loved it. I was also planning to move into a hostel after a few days at my Airbnb, as they are relatively cheaper, but I got lucky with a new place.

It is a great way to meet lots of people from all over the world. It also enables you to meet some fellow travellers who you could potentially find a house to rent with.

Your hostel may also help you find work, or you could even work there in exchange for free accommodation and sometimes food whilst you look around, for something more permanent.

There are some great hostels around the city or a little further out, some that caught my eye before moving were: – A friend of mine stayed here and loved it

Home Page Official

Fairy Floss

There is a Facebook page called Fairy Floss Real Estate, which is where people post the rooms they have to rent, so make sure to check that out!

Favourite Area

There are some awesome areas and suburbs in Melbourne, but my favourite has to be Fitzroy/ Collingwood.

It’s super cool and trendy, and kind of like the Shoreditch of Melbourne.

I can’t see myself moving from this area any time soon.

Getting from the Airport

After a long flight, and a suitcase that weighs 28kg, the last thing I wanted to do was jump on public transport.

Uber is pretty cheap here, so I would highly recommend jumping in an Uber. If you can find an Uber pool at the airport even better!


So… These have been a few cheeky tips on what to do when you first arrive in Melbourne. I will be posting more soon so stay tuned 🙂



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