25 Things I have Learnt in the Last 25 Years…

As another birthday passes me by, I decided I wanted to take some time to myself to reflect on what I have learnt this year.

This year has been one of the most exciting, yet daunting years of my life.

I have learnt so much, not only about myself, but about the world as a hole.

And as I have just had my 25th birthday I wanted to share with you the 25 things I have learnt in the past 25 years.

  1. You are enough, learn to love yourself first.
  2. Don’t take life too seriously.
  3. Take a leap out of your comfort zone.
  4. Don’t waste your time on others, who would never give you the same love in return.
  5. Everything happens for a reason – hurdles are there to jump over.
  6. Money and materialistic possessions will not bring you happiness.
  7. Quality over quantity.
  8. You do not need to be in a relationship to be happy.
  9. Small acts of kindness go such a long way.
  10. Life is too short, so stop waiting for tomorrow.
  11. You’ll never be unhappy if you’re covered in glitter.
  12. Spend more time with the people you love, rather than wasting time on those who are just using you.
  13. You will learn to make your own family.
  14. Treat your body with love and respect.
  15. The only person you should compete with is yourself.
  16. Mindfulness is the best thing that has happened to you.
  17. It’s ok to not know where home is, the truth is you may never know.
  18. Hangovers get worse the older you get.
  19. It’s ok to not have your shit together, you probably never will.
  20. It is now you will start to make your forever friends.
  21. Forgive and forget. Not for their sake but for your own peace of mind.
  22. Your hard work and persistence will pay off.
  23. You’re not going to get on with everyone, and that’s ok.
  24. Honesty is the best policy.
  25. Just be you!

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