If They Try to Come Back, Walk Away…

There may come a time in your life when you are left broken hearted. When you have to let go of the one who you thought was your forever person.

We feel sad. Broken. Lost.

Something you thought was so good, is taken away from you. Sometime with no reason, or warning. And you have to start all over again.

Picking up the pieces is hard. Moving on is harder.

You are left wondering where you went wrong.

And whether or not we could have done something to fix it.

Something that a lot of us will experience is, when that person tries to come back.

When they realise what they had was actually real. When they are done seeking for perfection elsewhere.

From past experience, this usually happens when you have finally put the pieces of your heart back together. When you are finally feeling stronger and moving on. It’s as though they know you are happy, and they don’t like the thought of you finding happiness without them. So they come back wanting a second chance.

They may even come back as though every pain and heartbreak they caused you, never even happened.

They expect everything to go back to normal over night.

They don’t want to discuss the pain they caused you, because they know you are happy again.

If this does happen.

If the person you loved so much, but had the capability to hurt you so bad, attempts to come back into your life for a second time…

Be strong enough to say no, and walk away.

Know your value and realise you are worthy of so much more.

If they were capable of hurting you once, with no remorse or apology. Then they are probably able to do it again. And they will.

Remember the pain they caused you, the sleepless nights and that horrible feeling in your stomach, and ask yourself are you willing to go through that pain again.

The truth is, if someone didn’t want you, then what makes this time any different? Do not set yourself up for heartbreak. Do not expect different results.

So, when that person tries to come back, don’t bite, don’t argue. Wish them well and a future full of happiness, but make it clear to them that you have no place in their future, because they didn’t fight hard enough for a place in yours.

Once trust is broken, it is very hard to rebuild.

If someone leaves you without a reason. Do not allow them to come back with an excuse.


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