When I was 16 years old I used to admire people with luxuries, a nice car and materialistic possessions. I got myself in a lot of debt trying to keep up. Trying to follow the crowd I knew I did not belong too.

I strongly believed that having everything they had would make me happy. That success was measured on how rich a person is.

It took me years to change my mindset. Many mistakes, and warning letters. But the journey to where I am now taught me so much.

I now look back and realise how wrong I was.

I no longer admire people for what they own, I admire those who are content with what they have.

I admire those with inner peace and self love that radiates from them like sunbeams.

I admire people who choose to be happy even when things around them are falling apart.

I admire people’s strength and perseverance.

Success is not measured by a persons bank account, but by their knowledge and happiness.

I am now grateful for everything I have.

Everything I know.

Everything I am.

I have everything I could possibly need.

I am allowing myself to be open, and to listen and learn.

I am me. And I am incredibly happy.



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