Sticks & Stones…

Sticks and stones

Can break my bones

But your words

Will never hurt me.

Years ago I used to be very sensitive. I used to take whatever anyone said to me to heart.

I used to hang on to every word that someone would say, and believe it.


Because I was insecure, and most of the time when people call you names they are clinging onto your insecurities.

I had an ex boyfriend who would call me fat. He knew I was very insecure about my body and my weight, so he picked on this.

However, this relationship taught me a lot.

It taught me not to be insecure, to love myself and every inch of my mind and body.

It taught me that when people call you names, it says more about who they are as a person then it does you.

It taught me to have more self worth and to never allow someone else to be hurtful.

But most of all it taught me to forgive.

To forgive those who speak badly of you, because they are the ones who feel the most pain.

People who are feeling low, try to make you feel just as bad to bring you down to their level.

It does not mean that they mean the things that they are saying, they just want you to feel hurt because they too are hurting.

So now, because I am so much stronger then I was back then.

Whatever names you choose to call me, I do not listen.

I know my worth.

I am so much more worthy than the names you may call me.

I forgive.

Not because you deserve it.

But for my own peace of mind.


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