One Day Festivals 2019 Melbourne

For those who can’t handle the 3 or 4 days of camping, queuing for showers and minimum sleep, but still want to dance the day away… Then these one day festivals maybe more suited to you. Melbourne during the summer is just incredible. There are so many fun things to do, so get saving these dates and your money, because it’s going to be a wild and busy summer to remember!

  1. Lake People Gathering – 10th November 2019

2. Grapevine Gathering – 24th November 2019

3. Piknic Electronik – Every Sunday 24th November – 25th February

4. FestivalX – 3rd December 2019

5. The Pleasure Garden – 7th December 2019

6. Petting Zoo Festival – 14th December 2019

7. Let Them Eat Cake – 1st January 2020


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