The Amazon Rainforest is on Fire!

One world is on fire.

Our lungs are burning.

The heart of this planet is in flames.

Our future is in jeopardy.

Humans are to blame.

What is happening?

Brazil has seen a record breaking 73,000 fires in Amazon region so far this year.

There has been an 83% increase from 2018.

Satellite data has revealed that rainforest the size of a football pitch is being destroyed every single minute.

Our world is in turmoil, and it’s happening faster than ever.

Nature and humanity are being threatened and not enough is being done about it.

In fact there has been very little media coverage at all.

When Notre Dame was burning, the media covered every minute of it. Billionaires donated money to help restore the building.

But when such a tragedy like this is happening, there is no media, no billionaires.

Why should you care?

  • The Amazon is referred to the ‘lungs of the planet’ because it generates over 20% of the worlds oxygen.
  • It is a defence to protect us from climate change.
  • It is home to 3 million species of plants and animals.
  • And home to 1 million indigenous people.

How has this happened?

Since the Brazilian president Jair Bolsanaro took office in January 2019, he prioritised economic gain over the environment and the land rights of Indigenous Amazonian’s. He then encouraged loggers and farmers to clear rainforest land.

With extreme deforestation of rainforest, comes fire.

What can we do to help?

  1. Your voice matters, and the louder you speak the more people will listen. Share the posts you see on Instagram and facebook. Share this blog post, keep sharing and making people aware as to what is happening. Very few are talking about this so please keep sharing.
  2. Donate to Amazon Watch – One million Amazonian’s lives are in danger. So donate to help support them fight against the deforestation of their homes.
  3. Donate to The World Wide Fund to help protect over 10% of the worlds biodiversity.
  4. Donate to Rainforest Alliance.

Become a more conscious consumer

Being a consumer has such a large impact on our environment, here are some ways to become more mindful.

  • Reduce your paper and wood consumption, or purchase rainforest safe products.
  • Reduce your meat consumption – Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of animal destruction.

Please speak up.



And be a voice for those whose aren’t being heard.


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