Hundreds of thousands of people take their own lives by suicide each year.

Around 800,000 people die by suicide globally every year.

Statistics are increasing, and there is still not enough being done for those who need help.There are many different reasons as to why people take their own lives, and this one of the most challenging questions, why?One of the most significant theories is by United States academic, Dr Thomas Joiner.

His father sadly took his own life, so Thomas dedicated his research to try and answer that question “why?” 

His theory tries to answer that complex question by describing three forces at play in someone at risk. The first force is the person thinks they’re a burden on others; the second is that they can withstand a high degree of pain; and the third is they don’t feel connected to others. 

It’s this lack of connection (or lack of belonging) that we want to prevent. By inspiring people to take the time to ask “Are youOK?”

A friend of mine introduced me to the charity called R U OK? They say: “Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.”

“We can help people struggling with life feel connected long before they even think about suicide. It all comes down to regular, face-to-face, meaningful conversations about life. And asking “Are you OK?” is a great place to start.”

I personally am no expert in suicide, however I have experienced people around me struggle. This is why I wanted to share this amazing charity, as everyone should know how and what to say to someone who is in a dark place.

Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut & Ask R U OK?




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