Today I woke up feeling lighter. Not physically (especially with all the chocolate I have been eating.)

But mentally. 

My mind feels clearer than it has done the past few days, and my heart so much fuller. 

Although my circumstances haven’t changed, or that of this pandemic, my thought process has and I am feeling extremely grateful. 

  • I am grateful for the person who two weeks ago was a complete stranger, but due to having such a kind heart, at such an uncertain time with no questions or judgement, took me into her family home, with no expectation of anything in return. 
  • I am grateful for the new friends I have around me making this experience a lot more fun and bearable. I love the family meals we share together in the evening, and the bonds that are growing at such a tough time. 
  • I am grateful for the beautiful setting that I am in during this period of isolation. The acres of luscious greenery that surrounds me, and the beautiful sunrises that I experience every morning. Mother Earth is healing. 
  • I am grateful for all the beautiful friends I have around the world, and the kindness we are sharing at this time. It is so lovely to have the time to reconnect and chat properly. 
  • I am grateful for this time that we have been given, to pause, breath, think and reevaluate the way in which we have been living. I know that when all of this is over I will not return to living the way I did before.
  • I am grateful for the simple things. It’s amazing how basic you can live when you need to, and you realise what really matters in life. I will not take any of the simple things for granted that I did prior to this.
  • I am grateful for my van, my little tortoise shell. The freedom and shelter it has provided me, the ability to find safety at this time.

There are so many things and people I am grateful for my list could go on and on. Now I can’t wait for this to eventually come to an end, for everyone to be healthy and to see the world change for the better. I am so excited to give all my loved ones a big hug and prove to them how much I appreciate them.

Take the time to think about what you are grateful for. Write it in a gratitude journal, or share them in the comment box below, I would love to read them.

Peace&Love x


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