The Freedom of Van Life

“Even though there are so many restrictions at the moment, I have never felt so free.”

About 5 months ago I was fortunate enough to have bought my very first home, mortgage and debt free. It may not be the recreational home that most people know, but it is the best decision I have ever made.

Allow me to formally introduce you to my new love, Tilly. Tilly is my 2007 beautiful Toyota Hiace that I built from the shell. Although I had lots of people offer to help me build her, I was determined to do it all myself. So with a basic Ikea tool kit and a cheap drill, I did exactly that. 

Now, I am not saying that Tilly has a fitted kitchen and running water, but she has a lot of storage and a comfy bed (even if I do have to sleep diagonally.)

My home, my shelter, my freedom.

Living in a van has always been a dream of mine. I’ve watched hundreds of videos and stalked thousands of instagram accounts on van conversions, and I was determined to live the life myself. 

It’s definitely not all glitz and glamour, especially when you wake up at 6am desperate for the toilet and you have to drive around to find and open coffee shop, or taking a beach shower on cold days.

But not only has it made my life so much more amusing, it has made me appreciate the smaller things in life so much more. 

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life fearing the unknown, but now the unknown excites me. 

Where I’m going to go, and what I’m going to do is still unknown and pending. But what I do know is the freedom and happiness this new chapter has given me is endless and I can’t wait to share my journey. 

This life may not be for everyone, and it probably won’t be my life forever. But for now I am living my best life even if I am only showering once a week… (I’m joking!)

Follow me on the highs and lows, the good and the ugly, and maybe one day I’ll catch you road tripping around the world!


MindfulDrifter x


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