In Loving Memory…

Dear beautiful friends,

Yesterday my family received some very sad and shocking news, that a close friend of the family and my mother’s best friend passed away suddenly of a rare condition. This syndrome affects one in a million adults, and comes on suddenly, and takes your life just as quick. I will not go into this too much as there is still so much sadness.

However, I am telling you this as a reminder, not to scare you or upset you.

But to remind you how short life is, how quick it can be taken from you without any warning.

I want to ask you if you are living your life to its fullest or you are just merely existing?

This should not scare you, but if it does maybe ask yourself why?

Those who are truly living their life the way they have always dreamt of, should not fear death.

We should live everyday as though we will die tomorrow.

I know it has been a hard year, and we have not been able to do as much as we usually should… But I hope this is the time to think about what is important, and what makes you truly happy and motivated.

We are not all driven by the same thing, but we all deserve happiness and excitement in our lives.

Please use this as the driving force to make a difference in your life.

Book that holiday you always wanted to go on, allow yourself to fall deeper in love with yourself, travel more, do things that scare you like a sky dive.

Remember what drives you may not be the same as what excites me or others around you, and that is ok. It is no ones business to tell you how to live your life, and what should make you happy. The important thing is that you wake up happy!

Travelling the world isn’t for everyone, building a family may be your driving force, so do more together. Play with your children from dawn to dusk and go on adventures. Book family getaways and spend more time in nature.

This life is for living, so please realise just how incredibly lucky you are to have this gift and live everyday as though its your last, as you never know when it will be.

It is a sad truth that it takes the passing of a loved one to remind us just how precious this life is, but I am so grateful to live the life I do.

In loving memory of our lovely friend I have donated my organs to the NHS. This is something that years ago I would have been too scared to do, but I couldn’t be more certain of my decision.

R.I.P x


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